Live better, not only one side.

We're making it easier to enjoy the simple technology luxuries our intelligent home maker provides.

JONR exists to inspire conscious connection to our planet and each other

JONR exists to inspire a conscious connection to "far away" technology and innovation and each other.

What is furniture? Everything pours more convenience into life, creating the most durable, comfortable, and sustainable qualified furniture, even intelligent robots.

So JONR can feel inspired to disconnect from our screens and instead connect to cutting-edge products and the real life around us. Everything in the Outer world begins from a place of authentic observation and curiosity and we're always inspired by the ever-expanding possibilities of what we’ll do next. Vacuum Cleaner is only the beginning of our journey.

Rename home cleaning.

It began with our first Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner. In a seemingly competitive industry, we set out to innovate, combining state-of-the-art performance, environmentally friendly materials, and thoughtful craftsmanship while challenging everything from the materials that exist to the way products are distributed.

Reflecting our values.

We believe the simplest things—fresh air, sunshine, and carefree time with friends and family—are the greatest luxuries and they should be accessible to everyone. That's why our products are created to help you with the technology and go with your family, seize every moment with your friends and family.

Make everyday more than a simple business.

At JONR, innovation is what we do best. We love finding solutions to problems. With the heart of a start-up and the resources of a global corporation, we are always looking for ways to reinvent every aspect of our business. As we innovate, we find inspiration in people - their needs, values, desires, and passions.

At the end of this, one moment to listen to our simple thought.